In the autumn, Lumen worked closely with designer Graham Tansley and Niladri, to create an ambitious projection inside the Grade I listed building, Judges’ Lodgings, for Light Up Lancaster, 2017.

The project ‘Dawn Chorus’ required a lot of planning in order for the final installation to run smoothly. There were 12 projectors with 12 Brightsign Players, all networked together via Cat5, in different rooms, across 3 floors, all with a limited amount of power sockets! Plus we weren’t allowed to touch any of the furniture in the building due to its historic nature. Prior to this, Graham had to cut up and edit his video to match each video segment to each window – a complicated task.

There were a lot of things that could have potentially gone wrong with a project as large and ambitious as this, but after a lot of careful preparation, the installation was a success. The final result was very impressive and can be seen in the video below.