Frozen Music

Recon Festival & Lumen presents:

18th & 19th of September 2014

Victoria Gardens (outside Leeds Art Gallery), 8pm, free event

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If Architecture is frozen music, imagine what would happen in a thaw – Matt Dixon

Frozen Music uses the realtime scanning of performers brains to melt and morph the architecture of Leeds Art Gallery symbiotically linked to a live improvised score by Chris Sharkey and Christophe De Bezenac.

Amorphous Orchestra have teamed up with a neurologist and International Jazz musicians to create a series of live architectural projection mapping experiments to see what happens when artists, architects, musicians and special guests  imagine architecture as frozen music in a thaw.

Set to live score performed by Chris Sharkey and Christophe de Bezenac fusing written and improvised elements, acoustic and electronic sounds and, at it’s core, specially designed software allows the spontaneous electrical brain activity to interact with the music and visuals in real time via an EEG headset.  The piece will explore ideas of structure and the chaos arising from an architectural thaw.

The performer’s will be forced to coordinate or combat the effects of the chaotic stream of EEG information created by the stimulation of simultaneously playing and witnessing the visual; alongside other factors usually ‘unseen’ such as emotions, nervousness, excitement, stress and body temperature.

These factors mirror the unseen structure in architecture, concrete, girders, heat, wooden beams and miles of lethal electrical wire bringing life to the building.

“Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.” Goethe



Climate – a wind powered projector project

Wind powered projector

We have just started work on a new R&D project called Climate. Climate is a wind powered projector that projects an image onto its blades as it turns. The electricity will be generated by a mixture of wind and solar power. We have started work on the first prototype and plane to install Climate for a debut public viewing at this year’s Beacons Festival.

We will post more about the working progress of Climate in the coming months. Climate is supported by Arts Council England.

Bernd Behr

Bernd Behr, “Contact & Concretion”, 2010, installation view at The Hepworth Wakefield, two-channel video installation, dimensions variable. Photograph by Hannah Webster. Courtesy the artist and The Hepworth Wakefield. ‘Contact & Concretion’ was commissioned by Lumen and The Hepworth Wakefield as part of ‘Moving Body in the City’, Lumen’s imove project.

Inspired by the striking new gallery designed by David Chipperfield, The Hepworth Wakefield, and the River Calder on whose banks it sits, in London based artist Bernd Behr’s piece, ‘Contact and Concretion’, he examines the mineralogical history of the new building from its starting point as limestone from Hope Works Quarry to the finished building. ‘Contact and Concretion’ references a 1953 film about Barbara Hepworth – ‘Figures in a Landscape’ – that includes a sequence where the camera zooms out of the centre of one of Hepworth’s sculptures. Bernd has paid homage to this shot using a concrete maquette from early stages in the construction of The Hepworth Wakefield.

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Vauxhall Adam

Vauxhall Adam Illuminates: a projection project by Lumen, Dave Lynch and Bec Smith from Urban Projections.

Video projection onto all 4 sides of the car was done via our Sanyo XF47 15,000 lumen projectors. the projection set-up was designed and installed by Lumen’s Phil Slocombe. The content was created by Bec Smith at Urban Projections and Dave Lynch. Dave also created the 3D-video mapping for the project.

This event was live. No camera tricks or after effects were used or harmed in the making of this video. Video by Minky Productions. Photo by Urban Projections. Thanks to Tro Group & Vauxhall.

Virgin Records

In October 2013, Lumen teamed up with visual artists Sam Meech and Chris Paul Daniels to create a video installation for Virgin Records’ 40th anniversary art exhibition: 40 years of disruptions.

Creative Review featured the exhibition here or you can view images from the installation via Sam Meech’s photo archive here. Thanks to This is Real Art and Virgin Records.

Recon Festival

Recon is a series of pioneering arts, music and film events taking place in Leeds & Bradford during 2015.

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Recon is a partnership collaboration led by Lumen, Music @ Bradford University & Room 237. Our partners include Opera North, Leeds International Film Festival, Pavilion, Brudenell Social Club, Belgrave Music Hall, University of Bradford, Fuse Arts Space, Sub Dub, The Quietus, Golden Cabinet, Hyde Park Picture House, I Like Press, Cops & Robbers, Delius Arts & Cultural Centre.

RECON 2015 takes place in October 2015 in Leeds & Bradford and Lumen’s James Islip will be part of the curatorial team. Find out more here.

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Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo VICES Collection Dinner

In September 2014, we were commissioned by British luxury fashion accessories brand, Jimmy Choo Limited & artist Mat Collishaw to create large-scale crystals, from a mixture of video / projection mapping to cover polystyrene sculpture. The stunning installation was part of a collaboration with the British artist, Mat Collishaw and Jimmy Choo to launch their Cruise 2015 VICES collection.

Jimmy Choo VICES dinner - Atmosphere 3

This installation was one of most complex projections we have tackled to date, utilising over 24 7,000 lumen HD projectors in order to map some of the crystal shapes, some of which were over 8m tall. This larger-than-life creation was used to help launch Jimmy Choo’s first London store in October 2014.

Jimmy Choo VICES Collection Dinner

Thanks go to our partners Urban Projections, along with Mat Collishaw & studio and Jimmy Choo.