Bernd Behr

Bernd Behr, “Contact & Concretion”, 2010, installation view at The Hepworth Wakefield, two-channel video installation, dimensions variable. Photograph by Hannah Webster. Courtesy the artist and The Hepworth Wakefield. ‘Contact & Concretion’ was commissioned by Lumen and The Hepworth Wakefield as part of ‘Moving Body in the City’, Lumen’s imove project.

Inspired by the striking new gallery designed by David Chipperfield, The Hepworth Wakefield, and the River Calder on whose banks it sits, in London based artist Bernd Behr’s piece, ‘Contact and Concretion’, he examines the mineralogical history of the new building from its starting point as limestone from Hope Works Quarry to the finished building. ‘Contact and Concretion’ references a 1953 film about Barbara Hepworth – ‘Figures in a Landscape’ – that includes a sequence where the camera zooms out of the centre of one of Hepworth’s sculptures. Bernd has paid homage to this shot using a concrete maquette from early stages in the construction of The Hepworth Wakefield.

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